Company of Women believes…


You are essential. Your character, your quality, your strength, and your inner beauty are all integral parts of who you are. You have been empowered not only for yourself but also to uplift others around you – your daughters, your sisters, your nieces, your husbands, your sons, your communities and even the marketplace.


WOMAN, tap into the power that’s been given you by God. It’s woven into every fiber of your being! It makes you uniquely YOU, a masterpiece by design.

Company of Women understands that we were created to thrive as a  community; thus, we are stronger together. We celebrate the essence of womanhood. We embrace the uniqueness and strength that each woman brings to the table. We are here to walk alongside you, to empower you, and to remind you that you are truly essential. Just as a good pillow provides support and alignment for your back, we are here to support you on your journey. Sister, we got your back!


Our vision is to foster a community, an environment where women can share their journey of challenges and triumphs, providing a platform for connection, inspiration, support and mutual/relational growth. Empowering women to move from I can to, “I WILL!”


The mission of Company of Women – Pillow Talk is to provide a supportive community for women and young girls offering encouragement and tools for empowerment throughout your spiritual, personal and professional endeavors.

Our Founder.



Brenda pastors alongside her husband, Dr. Everett McBee at 360 Worship Center. They also are the leaders of Life Changing Ministries Worldwide, Inc. Brenda is fierce, determined and ready to face challenges, cutting through obstacles. She approaches life with passion, energy and intensity. She is driven to  empower people to maximize their potential.


As a pastor, Brenda McBee is a 21st-Century leader who has been called to the front line to assemble the body of Christ. She is assigned by God to teach and train the assembly; perfecting them to do the work of the ministry. Her expertise in training and development is evident in the sound foundation and structure of 360 Worship Center and Company of Women.


Brenda is a business and spiritual consultant. She is used of God through prevailing intercessions. Her words have been wisdom and direction as she is sought out by secular and religious leaders. She has developed curriculums and training manuals as well as assisted in the formation of non-profits and LLCs. She travels abroad speaking for conferences, seminars, forums and in church settings.


Going beyond the four walls, Brenda’s reach has extended to local and global communities. She has joined forces with other local and global community organizations such as MIFA, Meals on Wheels, Feed the Children Initiative, World Vision, Compassion International, Red Door and more  to provide resources for humanitarian missions around the world.